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Chris Bostwick's Portfolio

Welcome to my music and audio production portfolio. Below you can listen to a selection of projects I have worked on, including original compositions, songs I produced, mix projects, and projects for commercial media. Enjoy! 

This is one of my happier, more poppy compositions. This track takes you on a journey of looking inward on yourself, finding all the good in things that make you happy as you traverse this world we call life.

To the Moon and Beyond is a song that I wrote, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered. The artists performing the lyrics are Scooby (Erin McClure) and Shaggy (Chris Bostwick) also featuring Lilly in the intro. This song is about a daughter of mine that dreams of being an astronaut despite her disabilities. I wrote this song with a hopeful and determined feeling to it that I know you will feel!

This is a type of neo-soul style beat that I put together. It has a smooth flow that feels uplifting in a way. This is a bass-centric track with a bright lead. I produced this track as well as mixing and mastering it. Enjoy!

This is a project I completed where I was given the visual animation video with the narrator's voice already attached but no other audio. I composed music for this film trailer and then went on to sound design where I pieced in all the sound effects that match up with the frames. I worked to build the sound that I felt best matched with the visual concept I was given. Once satisfied with the entire sound design, I mixed it and brought the master to industry standard broadcast media loudness standards.

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