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Chris Bostwick

   "DJ Shaggy"

I have the most extreme love for music in all forms.  Music is more than a sound, it is a feeling, a mental state, an emotion, an outlet, and what my body craves at every second of every day!  I started learning and running sound boards for live concerts in 2002, which triggered my dreams of my own recording studio.  I am a classically trained trumpet player with a love of jazz and swing in my free time.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music Production from The Los Angeles Film School, where I learned all the tricks of the trade and discovered that I have a talent and passion for putting music and sound to visual media as well. So give me your creation, let me add my creations to it and let's reach humanity's heart with our collective creativity!

My personal goal for every client is for them to be in awe of their creation as it is ready to be projected to the world in a way that they didn't even realize was possible.  I am a wealth of musical and recording knowledge, tap in to see what I can do for you in your career today!

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